AMIS: The Flexible Information System

AMIS: The Flexible Information System

In the modern times we live, our business activities are supported by various technologies and systems. Our cashbooks have been replaced with information systems and our checkbooks are online banking. But when it comes to crunching the numbers, the midnight oils are still being burned.

Aladdin Management Information System(AMIS) is an integral management information system that aids management with custom entity specific reports, that can be exported in formats like PDF, Excel, CSV and HTML for convenience of use.

A business is not just one person or one division, but a puzzle put together by management to try and create value, but sometimes this is not the case. AMIS has functionality to take existing financial information and allocate it to the puzzle pieces, giving management a clearer view of their picture.

The reports are set up using the structure of your entity to clearly allocate the income and costs per product, division or any other cost center. AMIS can then generate entity specific management reports for actual and forecast financial information. Budgeting is also no problem with AMIS’s rolling budged forecasts. The reports can also be visualized as graphs to indicate the performance better.

Other reports include deviation reports to specifically indicate problem areas within the business. Management can easily interpret the performance of the individual groups and products in the entity, as well as the overall performance of the entity.

AMIS is programmed to accept any other system’s information, making any information that the business has relevant in one convenient spot.

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