Automate, dont administrate!

Automate, dont administrate!

Telegrams and homing pigeons are long gone and so should mundane administration be. Between having to remember who should be reminded of a renewal and having to do all the necessary checks to ensure the new client you are about to sign is above board, you might have lost your love for the actual thing you signed up for: Underwriting.

A lot of these administrative tasks and checks that have to be in place are already automated and integrated into our system. The aim of Aladdin is to make the underwriting process as smooth and efficient as possible. We are ensuring this by means of a few handy helpers…

When a policy is underwritten, custom reports, e-mails and SMSes can be set up to send out to clients and brokers any information, such as the policy schedule, visa letters or even just a thank you for the new business.

Automated renewal reminders can be sent out to remind clients that their policy is coming up for renewal. The system will check to see which policies are up for renewal in a few months’ time and will then send out an e-mail with all the necessary attachments.  These PDF attachments can even be pre-populated with certain information, cutting down on some admin time for the broker or client, too!

The system also checks which policies did not renew and can lapse those ones automatically.

Another handy automated task is the generation and transfer of files via FTP so you do not have to manually run reports and save them on your company’s shared drive. They can easily be sent via FTP to an external party, so you don’t have to worry about getting those reports to Susan on time anymore…

We can easily customize reports to suite your needs, leaving your only priority the analyses of the data.

Management can receive a daily update SMS  to ensure they are up to date on performance against budget and that their firm is still on the right track.

All of these automated administration tasks are supplemented by integrations with APIs, such as company registration number lookup via CIPRO, Sanctions Search checks, payment gateways for debit order collections, EFT payments and bank reconciliations, and many more. Visit our team blog to find out more about some of these integrations.

For further information on how to automate your business contact us. Let us take over the administration so you can get back to what really matters: insurance!