Aladdin manages the full end-to-end insurance process, including:

  • Underwriting;
  • Claims Management;
  • Cash management;
  • Reinsurance; and
  • Accounting and Reserving

Aladdin’s built-in logic and flexible workflow management allows it to automate business processes that would traditionally require human intervention to improve efficiencies and reduce staff costs.

For example, risk assessment and policy acceptance or rejection could be automated based on business rules that take provided information or claims experience into account.

Premiums or excesses applicable to particular clients could be adjusted on renewal based on the clients’ loss experience. Similarly, claims that meet specified criteria could be automatically approved or fast-tracked with only a sample being referred to an assessor.

The system allows client, supplier and third party communications via email or SMS to be fully automated and tracked. It features a number of ready built integrations with banks, credit agencies and claim service providers and is easily extendible to cater for bespoke interfaces.

Rolling out self-service functionality to third parties and clients reduces staff costs and related expenses to process new business applications, endorsements, confirmations of insurance, claim status updates et cetera and improves the accuracy of captured information.

Click on the links below to view details on the specific features used for process automation: