Aladdin Configuration Manager

The Aladdin Configuration Manager is what makes Aladdin able to create and deploy projects so quickly. Here we can build an entire solution from the ground up and add or modify to it as the needs or requirements change and grow. The Configuration Manager creates all the components which when brought together form the final solution which is then accessed via the Aladdin User Interface or the Aladdin Wizard.

The Configuration Manager is effectively like looking into the mechanics of a product, to see all of the settings of every aspect from the company details down to the pricing formulae used to calculate premium. The Configuration Manager makes what would be an incredibly complex set of rules that would take days to grasp let alone implement into a simplified system for creating and selling products.

The ability to set up a vast and agile set of rules makes setting up conditions and rules for automation and ever expanding field of opportunity, automated communications with the client handling of settlements and dealing with bounces and resubmission of debit orders or even automatic cancellations due to non-payment are only a few of the tasks that can be set up in the Configuration Manager. These qualities make the Configuration Manager very important.

Most importantly the Configuration Manager sets the Aladdin System a step ahead of the rest focusing on customised implementation providing systems that cater directly to the sellers needs and not relying on sets of predefined rules.