Aladdin User Interface

The Aladdin User Interface is a versatile tool with which the clients can do all the tasks required to sell and maintain an insurance product. It is a complete package dealing with quoting and policy activation, payments all the way through to claims handling, recoveries and service provider management.

Each user that logs into the tool would be assigned one of the configured sets of permissions and viewing privileges. This means that each user can focus on their area of expertise. After logging into the tool there is a straight forward set of tabs each with their own ribbon along the top which neatly divides the work into the appropriate categories. On the underwriting tab a user would create and manage clients their risk addresses and risk items which would then be used to quote and underwrite policies. An auditor or external party may be given access to this in a view only role or a manager may be given privileges to underwrite policies exceeding the mandate of the general staff.

The UI also provides the critical roles required to manage any product. The claims tab provides all the claims handling procedures and can also be customised to include the necessary review processes or mandates. The finance tab provides access to settlements and finance review and the possibility to review and confirm submissions such as debit order runs. The partners tab allows for the management of service providers and brokers and what roles they may function as and on what sections. The reports tab provides access to the on demand reports that can be pulled out of the system.

Overall the User Interface has a simple logical layout which provides an intuitive method to manage and maintain any insurance product.