Aladdin Quoting Wizard

The Aladdin Quoting Wizard is an extremely valuable tool which takes elements of the normal UI functionality and automates them in the background in order to make the process a very simple matter of answering a few questions and creating quotes at the touch of a button.

The Wizard Is broken up into stages which can be customised to perform whichever task is required. First the wizard would usually gather the basic required information of the client, this can be as little as the clients name. Then the Wizard would gather basic information on the risk, such as location security timeframes. The wizard can then generate one or more possible quotes based on the levels of cover desired varying excesses and much more. This allows for quotes to be prepared quickly with minimal information. Then moving through the process a quote is selected and further information is gathered. At this stage the quote can optionally be recalculated based on this new information or the final details can be captured and submitted for underwriting.

After the Wizard is submitted it can be directly underwritten or sent for review by an underwriting technician, depending on the requirements. All of the stages in the Wizard are fully customisable. At Aladdin we have created many Wizards and have a team ready to provide solutions and possibilities which we know will work.