In keeping with the principles of an n-tiered architecture, the Aladdin system separates the presentation, logic and data tiers and the system employs service orientated architecture ("SOA") principles to deliver functionality to a wide variety of loosely coupled clients.


Data layer

A Microsoft SQL Server database is used on the data tier, with direct access to the database being restricted to only the API, the configuration tool and SQL Server Reporting Services.

An unique feature of the Aladdin system is that its data tier links the financial, workflow and insurance-technical data hierarchies on the lowest level in a single integrated database. This makes it possible to easily analyse or report on data across all three of these dimensions.

Processing layer

All transactions are processed via the Aladdin Core API, which uses Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation ("WCF") to expose services via multiple endpoints that support a variety of integration mechanisms. The Core API provides for input validation, enforces business logic, performs authentication and ensures that transactions are authorised and valid before being processed.

Presentation layer

On the presentation layer, various front-end interfaces are able to consume services via the Core API. These include –

  • The Windows front-end, a thin client that runs on Windows machines and connects to the Core API via the Intranet, WAN or Internet. This component is typically used by back-office staff to manage operations and draw reports.
  • The Aladdin wizard, which provides full self-service functionality to brokers via a wizard-based interface.
  • The Aladdin droid, a small application that triggers transactions via the Core API according to a pre-set schedule. The droid can be used to automate tasks such as the generation of renewal quotes a number of days before the renewal date.
  • Custom front-end components, such as websites and legacy sales systems that integrate with the Core API to process transactions.

In addition to the front-end components referred to above, the Aladdin system is able to integrate with other systems such as payment gateways and banks, communication providers, credit bureau and vehicle detail providers and claim service providers.