Software development life cycle

Aladdin's system development life cycle follows the Agile methodology, which shortens delivery life cycles.

Agile methods break tasks into small iterations which involve a team working through a full software development cycle, including planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing when a working product is demonstrated to stakeholders. This minimizes overall risk and allows the project to adapt to changes quickly.

Single development track policy

Product development is undertaken on the Microsoft .NET framework, with the system utilising a Microsoft SQL Server database. The system has been developed to separate generic industry logic from client or product specific business rules, with the latter being configured in the database, enabling Aladdin to maintain one core system that supports multiple and varied configurations at different clients, therefore reducing the reliance on developers.

Client support

Aladdin sets up a support team for each significant client, dedicated to meeting the support and client service requirements of that specific client.

Data migration

Aladdin has developed a specialised tool that allows data to be read from a variety of data sources (such as databases, flat or Excel files or legacy applications that have API interfaces).

The data is then processed via the Aladdin Core API in the same manner as any of the other front-end components such as the Windows UI and web front-end. This guarantees that all imported data passes through the same business rule validations to improve data integrity.